Weight Loss Meal Plan | SoulMateFood

Bodyweight Loss Meal Program | SoulMateFood

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fat loss meal programs Video Rating: four / 5

21 Day Fix Overview and Sample Meal Program | Beachbody | Bodyweight Loss Plan

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weight loss meal plans Video Rating: four / five

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37 Responses to “Weight Loss Meal Plan | SoulMateFood”

  1. Sara Saara says:

    they are expensive for me :( 

  2. JoahnD says:

    The portions look quite large do you have to finish all of it in one
    sitting like for lunch ? Because I don’t have much of an appetite most of
    the time. Did you still exercise while on the plan? Also i was wondering
    what if i’m at work always on the go and have no time to heat up meals that
    are required to e microwaved.?
    Also do they accommodate for certain types of foods or ingredients you
    don’t like?

  3. YaYazooGirl says:

    It looks great but £195 is a lot of money. Thank you for this video, it’s
    given me a lot of inspiration for meals!

  4. Megan Latham says:

    please do a normal food diary

  5. wondah black says:

    Do they deliver or have offices in the USA?

  6. Scola Dondo says:

    Hope you enjoyed this weekly food diary! also don’t forget to join my new
    weight loss challenge! Dietbet.com/Scola 

  7. Delaney Sanders says:

    Is there any sites/programs like this but for the US?

  8. Liz Torres says:

    OMG I hope you can return all that plastic to be reused. All looked amazing

  9. newhappygirl says:

    I wish this service was made available in my country. T-T 

  10. Zeldasim1997 says:

    Sorry Scola but I don’t want to have a diet where I constantly have to ask
    myself how much FRUIT I can have?…

  11. LeeshUnleashed says:

    I wanted to do the juice cleanse so bad but they don’t ship to the United
    States. :(

  12. zakiah tukes says:

    Wow they’re super expensive 

  13. Carol Kayamba says:

    “No one can stop me.”
    I died.

  14. Marielisa D says:

    Looks delicious! 

  15. Potatoeing says:

    Are there vegan or vegetarian options?

  16. rastana hughes says:

    HEEY do you have any meal plans companys like soulmatesfood but cheaper bye
    any chance

  17. seygra20 . says:

    That’s a lot of plastic containers for 1 week, I hope they were recyclable.

  18. Chelsea Asare-Donkor says:

    The price just scared me 

  19. regina rrr says:

    please do a food diary!!

  20. obdormable says:

    Maybe you mentioned it, and I just missed it, but how many calories did you
    eat each day? Because (and I mean this in a very positive way), that looks
    like a lot of food. It also looks surprisingly good. :)

  21. LuuvAiishaa says:

    Hey scola! Can you please pleeasee try recreate some of these meals- they
    look delicious yet wholesome! And I always get bored of the usual chicken
    and vegetable meal that I always make. I’d really like to explore new
    recipes that create a healthy replica of normal meals such as curry&rice
    (lol typical) etc etc. I’m not sure if I’m making sense:p but hopefully you
    get what I mean! Xx

  22. Ruqeila says:

    Wished I was a grown up with my own money to buy this by myself ;(

  23. SingDea says:

    it’s a shame this is just the UK. Oh well

  24. Fatima Ali says:

    Can you please recreate this it looks so good! 

  25. His_Queen says:

    U r the second person I have seen review this and I’m SOOOOO mad they don’t
    have this in the US!!

  26. DCBoys86 says:

    I plan on ordering this program this week. Won’t be able to do shakeology
    with it due to the fact it’s just to pricey for me right now but excited to
    give the program a try.

  27. Kelsey Jones says:

    The oils actually go in the teaspoons, not the orange. But great video!

  28. Maria Johnson says:

    Hi Leslie, I have ordered this program but have not yet received it. My
    weight now is 278 , I can not tell you what my goal food intake is yet. But
    do you have to eat all the container for it to work. What if your not
    hurry? My email is jaguarmeow1@yahoo.com

  29. Terry Martinez says:

    Hello Leslie, I was noticing on your wall to the right of you in the video,
    there is a calendar that looks like it has the colors of the containers.
    Is that something you made up, if so is it possible for you to share.
    Thank you, Terry Ann

  30. Marg Heideman says:

    Thanks Leslie, awesome suggestions!
    I too am over 50 and my metabolism is so slow…
    I guess you shouldn’t be eating any slice of bread then? I was thinking
    they are the yellow containers and if they are under 80 cal a slice or so,
    that would work as a yellow?? I don’ find I go to bread, but I do like
    Ryvita crackers, 2 of them for 70 cal, how do you count that?

  31. cbrcoder says:

    You are already too skinny. Nothing to fix.

  32. Smith Adam says:

    Great Video

  33. Bercola1 says:

    I can see the excitement in your face I want to jump on board how and where
    can I start

  34. Lupita Carrasco says:

    I am not getting the shakeology, but I am going to order the 21 day fix
    tommorow! any tips willhelp! thanks :)

  35. Leslie Hernandez says:

    Leslie. ….is shakology …well the shakes…is the program designed for
    just one shake a day??

  36. Courtney White says:

    Which Shakeology flavor do you drink and how are you preparing it?

  37. Drew Kjar says:

    My mom and I are long distance runners like yourself, and we just ordered
    the 21 Day Fix. I am excited to try the program, but I was also curious on
    how to alter the plan on days when we are running 6+ miles. How do you do

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