Weight loss for healthy living

Weight loss for healthy living

With endless weight loss options on the market, we are often in a quandary about what strategy to choose. In general, we lose weight by increasing energy expenditure and reducing calorie intake. Despite these benefits, one cannot overlook the adverse side effects of an extremely calorie restricted diet and rigorous workouts. Therefore, while selecting a weight loss program, make sure that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Weight Loss with Diet

Your daily calorie requirement is determined by your age, health condition and level of physical activities. Men and women, between 30 and 50 years of age, accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle need approximately 2200 and 1800 calories respectively each day. People leading a moderately active life can consume 200 extra calories daily. Balancing your daily calorie intake and expenditure helps to prevent weight gain. By consuming 500 fewer calories each day, you can lose up to a pound in a week. However, drastically cutting the daily calorie intake can be harmful for the body. It may cause fatigue, loss of lean muscle mass, depression and malnutrition.

Weight Loss with Exercise

Workouts help to burn the extra calories. People who are new to exercise should gradually increase their physical activity level. On average, 3500 calories should be burned through exercise per day in order to eliminate a pound of fat from the body per week. However, it may take weeks and even months to burn this large amount of calories with low to moderate intensity workouts. Although rigorous workouts can speedily burn the excess calories, they are considered hazardous for the muscles and the joints.

Weight Loss with Whole Body Vibration Exercise

To realize the benefits of workouts without worrying about side effects, you can opt for whole body vibration exercise. The full body workout with the vibration machine helps to exercise the muscles without injuring them. It stretches and contracts all the muscles of your body, providing the benefits of traditional workouts within a short time. Any person regardless of age and health condition can exercise with the vibration machine. Even people immobilized by diseases can sit or lie on the vibration plate, or place their feet on it and enjoy the benefits of workouts.

For the best result, combine a healthy, reduced calorie diet with the whole body vibration exercise. In addition to weight loss, by contracting and stretching the muscles, the full body vibration workout will improve your muscle tone. The vibration that your body tissues experience while standing or sitting on the machine helps to boost the metabolic rate and burn calories as well as bring life-giving oxygen to all the cells. Given the benefits of full body vibration exercise, fitness experts consider it a very safe and effective option for losing weight.

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