Weight Loss Food Plan – How I lost 80 LBS, What I ate!


Weight Loss Food Plan - How I lost 80 LBS, What I ate!

Meal Plan four Fat Reduction- How I lost 80 LBS Watch My Foods Program, get healthier!
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25 Responses to “Weight Loss Food Plan – How I lost 80 LBS, What I ate!”

  1. belalubunny x says:

    fat free milk tastes like water that’s trying to be milk.. but fails

  2. LillyBella says:

    Reduced fat or Fat free doesnt always mean healthy!!!!!

  3. charly evans says:

    for a young person like her 80 pounds would be easier to lose than for a 47
    year old.

  4. kate chambers says:

    I see a bottle of vodka in the back. 

  5. Proben Probev says:

    I would like to recommend ExprezSliminizer to anyone and everyone who wants
    to remove everything bad from their bodies and give them an actual makeover
    starting from day one!

  6. Abigail Soto says:

    The truth is, the harmful additives are hidden inside the typical health
    foods continually keep your body from losing fat.

  7. Lindsey Newson says:

    It seems like a lot of processed food. Clean, whole food is a great option

  8. Ageless Knowledge says:

    Waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many processed food. I am glad it worked for
    you, but honestly much of what you are eating would be junk food to me.

  9. Nancy Brien says:

    there are too many processed foods on this table. cut the sugar and you
    will lose the cravings for sugar and make losing weight and keeping it off
    much easier. most reduced fat foods just replace the fat with sugar. stay
    away from these products. basically anything in a box is bad. 

  10. mark heasley says:

    gRAINS WILL MAKE YOU FUCKING FAT. And im intolerant to wheat, and dairy and
    believe me a lot of people are

  11. Malcom Raynolds says:

    pff prozessed foods

  12. Anna Chadwick says:

    You’ll be able to lose weight safely and avoid weight gain back if you have
    the correct nutrition plan, without any pills, tough workouts…

  13. Luca Delia says:

    Losing weight is simple if you know the right way – the ExprezSliminizer

  14. johnny Hernandez says:

    3 apples a day…….. I might just try that

  15. Weezay Weezay says:

    In how many months did you loose all that weight though ?

  16. mark heasley says:

    You don’t look that healthy. PEOPLE EAT NATURAL WHEAT IS BAD FOR U EAT OATS

  17. Jessica Bond says:

    How many calories did you eat a day while losing weight?

  18. PINT says:

    My diet was 3 apples a day,,, it worked for 1 month to loose 30lbs,..im a

  19. Catherine J says:

    Great Information, thank you!

    I have almost ruined myself by dieting in order to reduce weight and my
    family was very worried, because i use to gain and loose weight abruptly.

    Luckily, I started using this “How To Eat” mobile app by lokesh which made
    me eat the right foods and in right way and using a game like points
    etc.and made it funny!

    now, i have reduce weight in a clean way.

  20. eljagg01 says:

    Fat-free = calories from sugar

  21. Bob johnson says:

    thanks for the advice beautifull ;o)

  22. mark heasley says:

    you eat all wheat and dairy try lean meats fruits and veggies and beans not
    this garbage

  23. beautifulstrength13 says:

    What made you decide to become vegetarian 

  24. Roxy M says:

    I don’t get the whole no fat/low fat diet foods. Most of those foods are
    highly processed and full of chemicals and sugar.

  25. Addie Stewart says:

    *I am loving garcinia! Down 8lbs and have energy. When buying Garcinia
    Cambogia only buy it on a safe place like Amazon.*

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