Weekly Meal Planning Made Easy


Easy Meal Planning, Watch Our Videos

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Full Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Here’s the Digital Meals Scale I use to make Calorie Counting Straightforward And my favorite Spiral Slicer to flip ‘plain’ veggies into healthy meals…

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50 Responses to “Weekly Meal Planning Made Easy”

  1. Maureen Robinson says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I just finished my meal prepping for the
    week and it only took me a couple hours. It feels really good to have
    everything ready for the entire week and not have to think about it again
    until next week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. NaturalBoundJaAaM says:

    I’ve been doing meal planning for about 2 months now but it’s nice to see
    other people’s variation of their meal plans… I was IN LOVE when I saw
    the slim Jims (lol) because they are one of my favorite snacks and am going
    to incorporate that in next week’s meal plan since I’ve already prepared
    this week. Great info and such a positive spirit and attitude! Thanks for
    the continued motivation I obviously needed!!!!! 

  3. JustSimplyMeNC says:

    Im trying to lose weight this year but meal planning seems to me the most
    challenging thing to me because I have to feed myself plus figure out what
    my autistic child is gonna eat. He has a wheat and peanut allergy. 

  4. Jan Ventanilla says:

    don’t they spoil if you prep them and eat them like 3-4 days after?

  5. LadySophie There Is No body like Jesus says:

    Great advice! When you first started lifting how many pounds did you
    started lifting?

  6. tomeka smith says:

    Hello what can I substitute the whole wheat English muffin for?

  7. cintrik says:

    This is a really good idea and a huge time saver as well. Good vid, thanks!

  8. Jannique Mosely says:

    I really like this I just did the same thing in my Chanel it was a lot of
    work since I have a family of 3

  9. kmarie negron says:


  10. apachedisco says:

    I got some great ideas from you, thanks for making the video.

  11. PSYCHO*PATH48 says:

    I am a diabetic and your meals sounds like something, I can incorporate in
    my quest to be insulin free. Your vid is great . What is the protein drink
    called? Do you freeze any of your meals. These meals are easy peasy’.

  12. Mrbaltimore2001 says:

    I’m back at working 6 days a week, have done this in the past. I’m just
    checking out a few videos to see if there is anything else I can make my
    long weeks easier.

    Only advice I could give to folk doing this is fix meals you actually enjoy
    eatting. No point in fixing bake chicken with green beans, and mac and
    cheese if that isn’t one of your favorite meals, because it will easily get
    pushed to the back of the refrigerator. 

  13. mikulas025 says:

    I always wanted to try this and this is a great video! My main concearn is
    eating what I have prepared and not eating what I really want (using the
    same ingredients). It does sound time saving but could be rather
    monotonous… I’ll give it a try anyway :)

  14. Loretta Blueluv says:

    I see that some of them snacks have a lot of sodium and saturated fat. But
    the meals you cooked are just right for me. Nice video by the way:-)

  15. crazyx3s says:

    To make it more healthy instead of lomain u can use zucchini noodle.use a
    sterelizer to make them into noodles.

  16. Deborah Payne says:

    hi, I like the way you prepare your meals…I starting. thanks

  17. Rusia B says:

    You talk to fast! 

  18. Nathanaelle Leonard says:

    I’m not a fan when it comes for me to eat breakfast what may you recommend
    for me to eat in the morning 

  19. 57924hv says:

    Great ideas for meal planning. I like simple :)

  20. lisa jenkins says:

    Cottage & peaches! does taste good? I’m gonna try it

  21. Demme Frazier says:

    Do you go week to week everyday or do you take a day off??

  22. wiserommer says:

    Simple yet informative guide :) Question – i noticed you didnt have any
    wheat or rice any reason for this or i properly missed it.

  23. michelle from down under in bundy says:

    great video but i was looking somthing for my family. as i am very sick 

  24. Jon B says:

    thank you so much, this was super helpful.

  25. Mandy Chani says:

    Do you use dressing on salad

  26. ThatOneGirl says:

    i love love love YOU.. you are fantastic. thank you so much. you cover
    absolutely everything. i actually look forward to dieting because you make
    it interesting. thank you for putting so much time and effort into your
    videos. it will help a lot of people like myself =D <3

  27. Sarah Odenbaugh says:

    Will these foods be ok in the fridge for a week? They won’t spoil? I’m new
    at premaking food. I’ve always ate healthy but my life has gotten very busy
    so I wanted to try this. 

  28. gahirs says:

    hi Josana, i am wondering if i can eat anything after my dinner :).
    Actually i feel hungry in late night ( sometimes when i wake up around 12
    am or 2am ). is it okay to eat something and if yes , what should i eat? i
    sleep at 9pm

  29. Jubaer Biswas says:

    Nice video:) Did you thought about the Fat Blaze Factor (google it)? Ive
    hear a number of amazing stuff about it and my co-worker burned alot of
    excess fats:)

  30. deepak seshadri says:

    hi josana , i am a pure vegetarian … what sort of food shall i prefer
    instead of chicken n fish .. we dont get acovado in india ….

  31. vatrine wilson says:

    Hi Joanna, Vatrine here. As I said in the previous comments, I am 12 years
    old. Can I add 2 glasses of powdered milk with 4 tablespoons each glass in
    a day. Cause my mom told me I need to drink milk cause I am still growing
    and at the same time, is it alright if I drink powdered milk because fresh
    milk is super expensive and the “no preservative” milk easily get spoiled
    and at the same time expensive. Please reply ASAP. Love lots

  32. Marina Mori says:

    Oh Joanna, what a sweetheart you are!!! Today -January 18, 2014,
    “found” you. I am your new friend. All the best!!

  33. Fardowsa Bashir says:

    Hi Joanna
    Thank you for your videos
    I am going to start the 8 week exercise tomorrow!
    I gained more than 26 kg in 2 years,
    I was so stressed out about my new life and everything changed suddenly, my
    family hates to eat healthy so I have decided to start with you, and show
    others the results.
    So is there any recommendations I need to do? Thank you for helping us
    specially other people like me!
    Love you :-) :-) 

  34. Leslie De La Cruz says:

    It’s better to eat every 3 hours with small portions? I’m soo confused…
    they say not to go under 1,200 calories for women, but the food I eat
    doesn’t add up to that … please help :( I believe I eat well :/ +Joanna

  35. Bernadette Royer says:

    thumbs up, you were great. thanks for all your health filled tips

  36. mickyvala says:

    Hallo Jonatha Thank you so much for all your Videos specially this One, i
    have question please please answer, is it ok to substitute the seeded Warp
    with Brown Rice?!
    I am following this diet Since 5 days and i Wonder if i am Doing it wrong
    by eating Brown Rice instead, i want to know if i am on the right Track it
    Not! Pleaaase answer!

  37. Nalina rai says:

    When considering eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern
    day fad diets. Extreme diet plans are a threat for your health, especially
    ones that seriously restrict your every day nutritionary intake. Many of
    these fad diets work for a short period and then the benefits decrease
    after a while. It is best to search Fenoboci Diet Plan on google as it
    isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  38. PopTart says:

    Hey Joanna! I just wanna know if you’re planning to make your 1 week meal
    plan video? I’m really really interested and looking for more healthy
    recipes from you!

  39. MuSicAngelx33 says:

    thanks so much

  40. Sapphire Ruby says:

    Hi Joanna!
    I finally decided to start my way to loosing weight. I’ve always been a
    little bit bigger since i was born and in my teens now (19) so thought it’s
    time. And I just needed the motivation to start but never found it.. well
    getting to the point. You made me start. I’ve tried for years but never
    made it and I just wanted to thank you soo much for you’r vids and the way
    you motivated me. You really made me wanted to change myself.
    I hope u live a happy life because you diserve it my friend!

  41. Abdullah Orakzay says:

    You married if not marry me and cook me these :) thanks

  42. Hanif Azis says:

    pleassseeee post a new full meal plan recipes >< it will really help me thank you :)

  43. Antoinette J says:

    I’m not only lactose intolerant but also allergic to dairy (I break out in
    HIVES!) so what can I substitute for Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. to
    get protein? This has been a problem for me for quite some time.

  44. Joseph De Vito says:


  45. Prowoxide says:

    You can grind your nuts if you want to, that made me laugh so hard. Good
    recipes by the way, thank you!

  46. oceanofdarkstars1 says:

    What should I do? I don’t eat Egg, Cottage cheese, or Sweet potato! What
    can I substitute for These?

  47. Kelly Parker says:

    Joanna. So I’m wondering if it would be alright to have a protein smoothie
    in place of the berry smoothie, or to just add a scoop of protein instead
    of the greek yogurt?

  48. June laulau says:

    how long should can i keep the smoothie in the fridge? Because i heard that
    we should consume fresh juices within 30 minutes somewhere. It would be
    great if i can store in the fridge and consume the next few days. Cos it is
    a lot of work.

  49. dililoca says:

    You are one of my favorite people! You made my life so much easier since i
    started watching you… Your videos actually made me feel so excited, cause
    i was wondering why i can not lose the weight i wanted to lose even though
    working out 6 days a week…and so after watching your videos (some of
    which i saw 2-3 times) it just “clicked”…i was eating too much calories,
    although i thought i was not. I can not tell you how happy i am that you
    share your knowledge and experience with everyone out there. Not just that
    but you seem to be a lovely person, beautiful and full of energy. What else
    can i say except a big THANK YOU!
    I will keep watching your videos and your channel and keep updated myself.
    I don’t think i’ve seen all of your videos yet, but can I request on when
    and how to use dried fruits (a.i. plums, figs, dates) and raw cocoa beans.
    Thank you and God bless you!

  50. Morgan Burns says:

    I think it would be a good idea to swap the lettuce in the wrap for
    spinach, because it has more nutritional value and counts as veggies/leafy
    greens. I love this video! :)

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