Tips to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle

Guidelines to Kickstart a Healthier Life-style

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21 Responses to “Tips to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle”

  1. Vanessa M says:

    I love this video!

  2. Anne Castillo says:

    I don’t wanna be rude, but you are using the app wrong. If you go to your
    workout, there’s a little button at the top that says start and it’ll give
    you the amount of reps and time to do certain workouts and basically walks
    you through the workout :)

  3. Yami Ichigo Sub. says:

    Love your video! And your dog it’s sooo cuteee

  4. Brianna Landers says:

    Great video!! Btw you are BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. Bluejay A. says:

    Great video! I’ve been living a healthier life style these past few months,
    and sometimes it’s hard to stay away from you’re cravings so thanks so much
    for the extra motivation and tips ! PS. Loveeee your outfit 

  6. ZiMakeUp says:

    Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. They all are! :D

  7. Kaleese Howard says:

    Latch by Sam Smith

  8. Grace Florentino says:

    I just really love this video so much, it inspired me to live a healthier
    life style so thank you 

  9. Deborah Jimenez says:

    awesome video :) 

  10. Eleanna Kioukis says:

    Great video! Thanks for the app suggestion, really helpful! Btw where did
    you get your shoes from at the end of the video? The whole outfit is also
    great :)

  11. Brianna Landers says:

    Great video!! Btw you are BEAUTIFUL!!

  12. Arlyne Sanjines says:

    Little disclaimer: i’m not a fitness/health coach by any means..just
    thought it’d be fun to share some tips and tricks i try to do to live a
    health(ier) lifestyle ;-)

  13. Joyce Sousa says:

    you have boyfriend?

  14. eva schaffer says:

    I love you & your videos!!

  15. Jo-Ann Mohamatsaid says:

    Can you do a healthy breakfast video??? BTW you look so pretty★

  16. Nee lee says:

    those tips are great! ♥

  17. MizBrean says:

    Will you do a “What I Eat in a Day” video?

  18. Hannah Conroy says:

    The audio sounds weird in this video

  19. thereseat says:

    I’m a recently new subscriber and your videos make me so happy :)

  20. TammyReads says:

    This is a great video x Thankyou x ;)(new stubby here:))

  21. Noë Jill X says:

    Really help full!

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