Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!


YAY! Thumbs up for a lot more health type video clips! :) let’s begin off this new 12 months healthy & content! Much more Wellness Suggestions! …
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25 Responses to “Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!”

  1. Jessica Urbano says:

    I have a hard time not buying processed foods and exercising but I found
    that I like working out on a stationary bike so I’m glad I found a workout
    for me. I pack fruit and granola bars as a snack now too (: 

  2. Cynthia Gee says:

    I been drinking so much water since August (We’re in November now) and I
    seen no improvement at all in anything -.- my skin still looks horrible, I
    don’t ever feel refreshed or hydrated, I’m always tired and I can honestly
    say from experience that it doesn’t really help me lol, I also have been
    eating healthier and being more active but still nothing. I’m jealous of
    the people who actually get results /:

  3. francesca x says:

    I don’t get how you can dislike water

  4. Novembre Pleut says:

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  5. Kelly Mongan says:

    I know some people who drink pop everyday! But my friend showed me this and
    it’s so easy and good for you and tastes better than pop! Put less than
    half of carbonated water, then fill most of it with orange juice, and the
    rest with pomegranate juice! It’s so good I couldent get enough!

  6. partly perfectly says:

    I’m 176c&56kg I wanna weigh 50kg but I’m actually buying stuff at school
    that’s the place where I don’t have any control over myself, so I’ll end up
    eating ‘bad foods’

  7. MisunderstoodAlpaca says:

    For a second, I heard “drink half your body weight in water.” I was like…
    “Um… that doesn’t sound safe.”

  8. Linda Turley says:

    Hey bree!, I’m Linda 😀 and I absolutely love your channel.
    I love how genuine you are, that you love Lorna Jane as well, your
    happiness and good attitude towards life, how you value your health and
    most of all your faith. I’m also a Christian and your positive videos have
    really help me through some tough times. Thank You. God is good isn’t he :)
    I really pray that one day we can meet and be friends, because I know
    social media is only a highlight reel of a persons life, and I would really
    love to get to know you and your story. Thank you so much again, the love
    of God shines through you and I’m so glad he showed me your channel.

  9. Tim Sears says:

    I like your views on drinking more water and cutting out soda. Sometimes
    when I’m in a hurry, I’ll just squeeze lemon or lime directly into my water
    and drink it rather than putting slices in the water and waiting for the
    flavor to get into the water.

  10. Diannah Clem Warrior Princess says:

    Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!

  11. Brandon Dunn says:

    drink my half my body weight im not drinking 300 pounds lol. thank you ill
    do these things ;)

  12. Anna James says:

    Background music from “LOL”

  13. Noor Aledany says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  14. AmyRemedi says:

    This video made my 2014, Made everything and it worked!!

    Is awesome to feel good with yourself, please film another one for


    Lots of love, have a great year!

  15. Rique Rike says:

    fogo de jeova por paulo henrique

  16. Ella Croney says:

    This young lady is right on. The benefits of juicing and drinking smoothies
    helps to support your entire body. Water alone is not enough, but water is
    very important. Ella Croney- Author of FOREVER YOUNG – Amazon Best Seller
    on Kindle.

  17. Hannah Lambe says:

    This really motivated me to start living actively and healthily! Before,
    I’d been sort of hardheartedly trying to get around to eating better and
    exercise, but now I’m all in 😀 So thank you!

  18. healthandfitnesstips says:

    The suggestion to drink a lot of water seems to be controversial. It works
    for some but doesn’t for many.

  19. Kristy LaVine says:

    Cynthia Gee- This may sound strange to you but if you were able to a
    schedule a session or two with a Craniosacral Therapist, they might be able
    to help you. Sounds like your body isn’t absorbing like it’s supposed to?
    Also how is your daily diet? That may have something to with it. Just a
    guess. Also if you’re looking to getting healthy and going green, please
    reply or message me. I am your link to some great and green products! 

  20. meera al jamal says:

    You are a great person and my life is like not that ok and I lost alot of
    stuff during my life and yes I am at a young age but I think like an adult
    and it’s disgracefull and I lost my childhood but you made me feel that I
    should stand on my legs so I did and now I’m living a great adult life but
    I still miss my childhood but I watch ur vids then I’m instantly motaveted

  21. Kamry Parker says:

    Hey nice video I was wondering what was the website that you were looking

  22. Alex-Leigh Stewart says:

    This has given me a good boost to start motivating myself in looking after
    my body! What a beautiful video! Thank you for this! <3 <3

  23. alexasplace says:

    Beautiful video!!!

  24. cpiano2001 says:

    You are so amazing! Where did you get this water bottle? 

  25. Angel Lynnia says:

    Cambria i love love love ur health videos. Im trying to be a healthier
    person and they really really help. Thanks so much for all you do.

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