Secrets For A Healthy Lifestyle: Nutrition

Secrets and techniques For A Healthful Lifestyle: Nutrition

Learn how you can reside a more healthy, happier and smarter daily life in this series featuring the five tricks from Fitness Guru Annick Robinson. (Component one of 5)
wholesome residing lifestyle Video Rating: 4 / five

4 Rules for a Healthful Life style, animated for Harvard Health-related College

As element of Harvard Health-related School’s Reflection in Action: Developing Healthy Communities™ system, LineStorm Animation college students from 3 distinct Boston Pub…
healthier residing lifestyle Video Rating: four / five

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34 Responses to “Secrets For A Healthy Lifestyle: Nutrition”

  1. Women's Health Community says:

    It’s difficult to eat clean every day, thank you it was interesting to

  2. artpeacemaster says:

    my hands are small..i feel like I’m going to starve myself if i just eat
    the size of my palm

  3. eleonora k says:

    it is sooo difficult to go on a reustarant and have “clean” food for
    dinner… !!! i’m trying but in the end i’m hungry

  4. Oliver's Real Food says:

    Having many meals a day is something many nutritionists agree upon.

  5. Prefunc says:

    Nutrition is 70 % of healthy lifestyle! Remember about it!! :D

  6. Abon Bon says:

    Fucking low carb.

  7. Sandra Kocevska says:


  8. Plum Blossom says:

    Portion size should be the size of the palm of your hand???…what if you
    have abnormally small hands? just sayin’. Good & valid points though.

  9. starmoon937 says:

    just watching the foods made me hungry lol

  10. guila1001 says:

    Thankfully since i was a kid my parents,feed my with heathy,nowdays i dont
    even fell much of a diference if i eat or dont eat things like sugar,and

  11. HotSauceBG3 says:

    @poposisa but it worth it.

  12. Nellie K. Adaba says:

    Thanks for sharing. I need to get back to it.

  13. DoodleMyPassion says:

    I need a book on dat

  14. annickarts says:

    @zhizhanz: not at all! Your hands are proportional to the size of your
    stomach, it just means small meals more often, which streamlines your
    digestion. I.e. instead of eating 3 large meals that overload your system
    and sends your blood sugar on a roller-coaster ride, you eat 6 to 8 smaller
    meals to keep steady energy and blood sugar going, fueling your metabolism
    and keeping your energy high.

  15. vindelextreme says:

    I hate these all of nothing mentality, where its either I eat super healthy
    or fuck it I’m having a box of pizza. You can’t change your lifestyle over
    night, try eating a little less and walking a little more, and eventually
    try a workout plan

  16. Aritul says:

    I just need her to pick out my meals for me.

  17. says:

    Great music and animation!

  18. Cindy Cohen says:

    This is healthy living in a nutshell….. #HLR #T30

  19. Women's Health Community says:

    Simple but great tips

  20. Oliver's Real Food says:

    This video shares with us simple rules for living, but those ring true such
    as not eating fatty food and getting exercise.

  21. Josephyn Ofosu says:
  22. Bruce Salzinger says:

    This is healthy living in a nutshell….. #HLR #T30

  23. Healthy Lifestyle, Fitness and Diets says:

    Four Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle, animated for Harvard Medical School

  24. Aicha Brahimi says:
  25. Neil Baggett says:

    Just A Few Basic Steps.
    It has always been that
    Thumbs up to the video

  26. Vadim Alexeev says:

    It looks like it was animated by a two year old

  27. Joseph Synthesizer says:

    you can’t name drop Harvard and then have a crappy production. Either we
    can be wowed by how smart Harvard dbags are or charmed by how shitty and
    cutesy this video is. Either one is a lot to ask, but trying to pull off
    both lends great credibility that the ivory tower is still in touch with
    nothing but itself. I hope you charmed yourself. Oh wait, The Ivy leagues
    never stops being charmed by itself.

  28. Psalms Selah Rosal says:
  29. Orri Avraham says:

    wow. I guess you have to go to Harvard Medical school to figure out those 4
    rules. Brilliant.

  30. amazingme caparro says:

    wow, this one is cute and true. hehheheh

  31. Marta Matt says:

    quite simple and good! the difficult part is to apply these simple rules in
    real life :-)

  32. Mesothelioma Lawyer says:

    As they say, too much of something is bad. So the key to a healthier
    lifestyle is moderation. You don’t have to restrain yourself from eating
    unhealthy food. You just have to keep everything in balance plus exercise.

  33. iHeartSmileyFaces2 says:


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