My Weight Loss Story/ Healthy Living Tips and Tricks / Before and After Weight Loss Photos

A bit nervous although filming this but I Genuinely hope this will aid someone. I know how difficult this journey can be. I am now a Wellness COACH and I reside to support ot…

Some suggestions regarding healthier consuming when your family members isnt supportive of your life-style change, as effectively as some inspiration ideas! MY Bodyweight Reduction VIDEO: http://w…
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50 Responses to “My Weight Loss Story/ Healthy Living Tips and Tricks / Before and After Weight Loss Photos”

  1. Brittany Powell says:

    My Weightloss Story 

  2. alina karki says:

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    day fad diets. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a danger for your health,
    especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritional intake.
    While they might induce fast weight loss, these kinds of diet plans will
    never be a long-term answer for your weight problem. It is best to check
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    fad diet where you starve yourself. 

  3. jenferlyn84 says:

    You inspire me!

  4. Lauren Vanderveer says:

    YOU DID GREAT! thanks for sharing your experience! This was def inspiring!
    You look so awesome and I’m going to get my fitness pal app and start
    eating better! I’d like to know your biggest weight you got up to though to
    compare.. Also what did you do when you first started running? Like how did
    you start out and progress? 

  5. brightful5 says:

    Jeremy from nj thanks

  6. Jessica Stockman says:

    i do watch a lot of weight loss videos and listen to people’s stories and
    it helps me cause i wanna lose weight and after watching your video its
    even more real cause your so open about what you did and i loved it. im a
    very lazy person and i do wana try to have a healthy life so thanks :)

  7. brcage says:

    WOW, what a beautiful inspiration, thank you for sharing! :)

  8. Lealeas page says:

    Thankyou for making this video you have helped me so much xx

  9. Lama Yaqaan says:

    wooooouuuuw thank for ur inspration girl

  10. Sigyn Laufeyson says:

    Im starting to give up n tell myself ill never be thin. I need help

  11. Rose-Anne Demers says:

    Thank you so much for this video! It’s truly inspiring and I want to say
    congratulation ;)

  12. sabina tandukar says:

    You better search it on google. I have tried lots of diets in the past, and
    looked at far more than that. I believe that this diet will work for anyone
    who truly wants to embrace it. So, if you really want to lose weight for
    life and are ready to make the changes necessary to accomplish this goal,
    try the program outlined in this book!

  13. uma shrestha says:

    To anyone who wants to bulk up eventually. Go and Google Ready Set Ripped
    to find out more.

  14. Nikki Casini says:

    Good job! Thanks for the inspiration! 

  15. Tom Vrlik says:

    Hi Brittany,

    I am wondering if you’d be willing to be interviewed over the phone. Please
    let me know. You are an inspiration to us all.

  16. Lady Hokage says:

    Thank you! I love weight loss videos they help me a lot!

  17. Deepika Shrestha says:

    Millions of people have the priceless gift to lose weight — but do not
    take advantage of it. Go and google Fat Blast Furnace to unlock your weight
    loss potential.

  18. Diane Sherman says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I just started using the app yesterday
    and seems like it will work great for me. I was looking for success stories
    to motivate me and I soo appreciate you sharing. Thank you!

  19. karen linton says:

    Hi thank u soooo much for doing this video i came across it by accident
    U are soooo down to earth can you do more videos on the exercise dvds an
    size weights u done
    Thanks karen from london xx

  20. Sandra Ruzzano says:

    Thank you so much for making this video. You are a blessing. And such a
    great encouragement to others beginning a weight loss journey. Please keep
    making videos, we all need encouagement to getting healthy! God bless you!

  21. Bhaktapur Thito says:

    To average people who want to lose weight–but can’t get started. Copy And
    Paste into Google Skinnimaker System right away.

  22. Zubby Khan says:

    Brittany Powell .you are so natural and down to earth love your video .

  23. Brad Chaney says:

    Great video very true. Im no longer 308 lbs 6´ tall man. Im a 6´ tall 297.8
    lb man I started 16 days ago and Im excited to see where and how far I take
    this weight loss. Just tired of looking at Tony Horton and feeling like hes
    twice my age and in better shape than I have ever been in. 

  24. Quirli100 says:

    Can u do videos about meals or what u eat in a day?

  25. David Wick says:

    My name is Dave. Everything you said is true. I have been losing weight for
    2 months. I have lost 25 pounds. Pretty much cutting out junk and being
    accountable with what I eat and it works. I have a moderately physical job
    so I think that helps. I am 5’9 and started at 245. I would get up for my
    work at that weight and my back hurt, everything hurt because of the excess
    weight. That pain is now totally gone. I am going to start strength
    training and cardio soon and i actually can’t wait because in know I will
    feel even better. Being obese sucks. Being stuck in the cycle of feeling
    guilty about your weight and putting off getting serious about weight
    reduction is tough to break. Thank god I have. I owe it to myself. Instead
    of being an “I’ll try person” I just have it in my head that I’m going to
    do it, no excuses. My dad said to me, I really just did not think you had
    it in you to start doing this, but I’m so glad you are.

    Stories like yours really are important to help keep focused. Makes you
    more determined when you have a network of people that either inspire you
    or just remind you of how important being healthy means to your life.

    When I got married I also fell into the I’m happy, eat bad stuff routine. I
    owe it to my wife not to look the way i have. She deserves a guy that
    pushes himself. I don’t want to have kids and be too obese to chase them

    Anyway, I enjoyed your video! You seem like a very real example that a lot
    of people can identify with. 

  26. says:

    Solid motivational video. Major Salute from iWontLose

  27. Kristina Tijan says:

    You totally won my heart :) Totally subscribing 😛
    Btw, you and me have a pretty similar story when it comes to weightloss
    Cheers to everyone that succeded and cheers to everyone that will ;)

  28. Ujjwal Carkey says:

    Have you heard about the weight losing system that lies hidden in your
    body. Go Google Fat Blast Furnace to bring it out.

  29. Juanita Myers says:

    *-* Taking selfies *…*
    That’s a new weight loss advice I learned from you today… Nice one!
    *- – -*

  30. shaidy q. says:

    Your accent is mesmerizing! I’m glad I found this video you made some great
    points!! :) 

  31. Zoe Deyes says:

    This is so my situation!

  32. Robert L. Edgar says:

    Nice Video

  33. erika highlander says:

    Hey, I have lost 10lbs and now I can do things I couldn’t do before with
    the burst of energy I have now. I am excited about this program and can’t
    wait to reach my goal.
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  34. Quit Work Club says:

    Great words of wisdom thanks for posting! I wish you all in your future

  35. My Housea decoration says:

    They laughed when I told them I was going to melt fat with Fat Blast
    Furnace, but then I showed them the results. Go and google Fat Blast
    Furnace to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

  36. Tiffany F says:

    These tips are so so amazing. I’ve been trying to get healthy instead of
    lose weight and I finally saw results, slowly but surely. Plus I just
    wanted to add that having a food diary helps. It gets a lot harder to
    justify a six pack of donuts when you have a written record of having
    scoffed them. That’s how I learned to not binge eat and to balance my
    nutritional intake.

  37. Nina Thompson says:

    Could you please make a video on healthy and easy food recipes?

  38. Jessa Gonzales says:

    *~* *~* In all your adversities there lies the seeds of equivalent
    advantages. In every defeat there is a lesson showing you how to win the
    next time. *..* ~

  39. Hannah Crandall says:

    hey i absolutely love your nails! what brand and colour name is the polish?

  40. bob smith says:

    my dad: lose weight your so fat every day for a year)
    me: after alot of fat talk im better. when somone calls you fat wake up and
    try not to go into dipair mode take it as an oppurtunity to chnage yourself
    for the better

  41. MusicVideoAddict says:

    How can you just ignore the fact that this poor girl has been bullied into
    watching thinspo videos online?! How can you possibly encourage a young
    girl to compare herself to photoshopped, underweight models?


  42. Monica Chortle says:

    *I like this product! It’s really safe and effective. Just make sure it’s
    the real Garcinia Cambogia.*

  43. ZombieSquirtle26 says:

    Thankyou so mutch shann really helped me<3 :) im still in progress.. 

  44. nina terblanche says:

    So inspirational !! Motivation right there ! 

  45. Ellen King says:

    It’s no doubt annoying to have to count calories and keep burning calories
    when the world is going to hell around us, but it’s important to keep
    perspective if you’re actually going to be successful in losing weight.

  46. mercedez avalos says:

    Wtf is up with your accent foreeal

  47. Smiley Geenz says:

    Thank u for this amazing video !! I love u so much and everything u had to
    say was inspirational and relatable xx

  48. Dre Jimenez says:

    AMAZING ADVICE! This is exactly what I needed. I know it won’t be easy but
    you put it in a simple way that I needed. Thank you very much!!!

  49. Annie Black says:

    Ok, my husband hates fruit and vegetables, yet I feel like as his wife it’s
    kind of my job to make sure he’s eating healthy. We’e been married for 7
    months and I haven’t managed to get him to eat 1 piece of fruit or a
    vegetable. I tried to get him to drink a fruit smoothie but he wouldn’t
    touch it and if it weren’t for me he would probably live on Mcdonalds for
    the rest of his life, which is really annoying for me because I hate fast
    food or junky food. Any advice? 

  50. Tiegan Marshall says:

    I know this is was ages ago but I love this video

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