Healthy Eating for Weight Loss

Healthy Eating for Weight Loss

It is so hard to get adequate nutrition when you are trying to lose weight. Especially when you are not willing to give up eating at restaurants and eating your favorite treats. Food is everywhere and it is not an indulgence, we need it to live. You cannot just give up eating, so the best you can do is feed your body the healthy fuel it needs while keeping your calories reduced so you can shed pounds. When you are eating a very low calorie diet every food choice is an important one. You need to get the maximum amount of nutrition for the lowest amount of calories and we are all human so we need to fit a treat in there every now and again. Because face it, if a diet is too restrictive it will be very unlikely that you will be able to stick to it for the long term.

The first thing you need to do is commit to eating at restaurants less.  If you are eating at them more than a couple of times a month, you are eating at them way too often. Sometimes they cannot be avoided and that is when it pays to know how to order. Order lean meats that are free of heavy or sugary sauces and ask the waiter to have your meat cooked with butter instead of margarine. If you can order your meat poached or grilled that is even better. Skip any sides that are not vegetables and again ask for them to be prepared without sauces and without added fat.

If the people you are eating with are okay with it, ask the waiter to remove the bread basket. If your dining companions want the bread have them put it on their side of the table out of sight and out of your reach. Ask the waiter to bring you a to-go box when the meal is brought out. Immediately put half of your dinner in the box and close it. This way you can feel like you ate the entire meal without actually eating the entire meal and you have a healthy lunch for the next day. You might think that since you are boxing up half of your meal that it is okay to order whatever you want, but do not do this. Take note of the dishes you really want and learn to make a healthier version at home.

You should read labels when you grocery shop. With that in mind, though, most of the food you buy at the grocery store should not have a label. You should be shopping the perimeter of the store and staying away from the center isles where the processed food is located. Your shopping cart should be full of lean meats and produce because these things should make up the bulk of your diet. If you buy whole grains and dairy products make sure you read labels. Do not buy products with added sugar and if you cannot pronounce something on the ingredients list you should not put that food in your shopping cart.

Desert is the next order of business, because life is no fun without a little desert from time to time. That is not to say that it is okay to have desert every day, but a couple of times a week should not hurt. Just remember to work it in to your calorie budget and have your desert on a day you work out. Substitute your favorite deserts with a healthier counterpart when you are trying to lose weight. One easy switch is trading frozen yogurt for your ice cream fix. Frozen yogurt is easier to work into a calorie controlled diet and it tastes so good that you will never miss the ice cream.

Adopt one of these new habits each week until all of them are a part of your life. Then, you will not even have to think about your diet anymore. Do not say that you will start tomorrow because this can lead to that “last supper” binge. Make a commitment and start right now.

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