Dr Oz’s Recommendation on Vitamins


http://livingwholesome.com/index.php/class/nutritional vitamins Dr. Oz provides us a rapid summary on what vitamin supplements he takes. Also, go to our blog to see our …
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51 Responses to “Dr Oz’s Recommendation on Vitamins”

  1. Lisa Sc says:

    I might be getting enough vitamin A and C but I don’t know if I ever get
    Vitamin E. Do any of you know what food has Vitamin E? thanks

  2. TeaToxTime com says:

    Come and read my book, ‘Eat sugar and lose fat’ by Michael Paic. Like the
    war on truth, I tell you what you need to know about nutrition, no BS.

  3. annie mendoza says:

    Hey dr. Oz i am a bigg fan i just love you:) i had a question about coconut
    oil i heard its great for weight loss i put it in my veggies and will start
    making smoothies with it how much a day should i take?? I weight 231 lbs
    and eat about 1800 calories daily workout in an empty stomach then eat a
    healthy high protein and carbohydrates and my green tea with lemon and
    coconut oil in it.. Also workout out again at night..

  4. Blake InJC says:

    If you are diligent you can get vitamins from food, but not minerals. What
    Dr Oz outlines is a bit shy on necessary nutrients, he only mentions about
    20 essential nutrients. Actually there are 90 essential nutrients in
    total, you must have, including trace minerals. Message me for more info.
    I work with a nutritional doctor who has been nominated for a Nobel Prize
    for his works in nutrition and supporting the body to overcome disease.

  5. Lisa Sc says:

    When Dr Oz mentions the vitamin D, he means vit D3? Plus what is the 3rd
    vitamin called that he’s mentioning; he’s going way to fast for me?

  6. commonlaw man says:

    OMG , we have lost our ability to observe nature.
    Name one animal in the wild ,living naturally that needs to take vitamins.
    If it doesnt past the nature test then you dont need it.
    The problem with humans is we eat so much dead cooked food ,with no light
    energy and its so poisonous our bodies have to De-mineralize itself to
    combat the poison.
    LOOK AT NATURE animals eat living food with high vibrational frequencies
    and they always seek the most pure water.
    So eat raw food and pure water with less 1 part per million solids in it.
    Its the law of the universe.

  7. Paul Blakey says:

    Here is a great Omega 3 vitamin. One of the best ones I found so far.

  8. MFC1791 says:

    Carlson’s Lemon flavor Fish Oil – liquid form is very good. Liquid is
    absorbed the best, but you must use bottle within 3 months as it will go
    rancid. It is beneficial to always eat a meal small or large when taking
    vitamins etc. I take a Tablespoon once a day as opposed to the suggested
    amount of a teaspoon.

  9. Andy Jordan says:

    Everybody has the priceless ability to get stronger–but few actually use
    it. Just Google Ready Set Ripped and discover how to utilize your gift.

  10. Amazing Videos says:

    Why didn’t mention what type should we go for then ???? D

  11. jason s says:

    Terrible information and terrible advice

  12. Vennika Johnson says:

    If you don’t want to go all the way out to the health food store to pick
    these up, iHerb.com has a ton of supplements like these for cheap. They
    arrive in 3-4 days and have sales all the time. They ship just about
    anywhere. I have a code that’ll get you $10 off. :) Here you go, hope it
    helps: CLG358.

  13. Devilis Garden says:

    He fails to mention he is talking about D3 not just vitamin D (2), there is
    a difference.

    Vitamin D (2) is the form of D that is found in fortified foods like milk,
    juices or cereals and D3 is the form that is synthesized by the skin when
    it’s exposed to the sun or (ultraviolet light/UVB). D2 (ergocalciferol)
    can be found, in some plants/fungus. D3 (cholecalciferol) is the sunlight
    form, and can also be obtained from animals that manufactured it through
    their skin, like that in fish liver. Since the body can produce this it’s
    actually considered a hormone and not a vitamin. D regulates calcium and
    phosphorus in the body.

  14. Thomas GB says:

    hi Dr. scam

  15. Chipp Marshal says:

    He talks so fast I actually thought he was rapping during parts of this

  16. MsRvaldes says:

    thank you Dr Oz

  17. Deepali Joshi says:

    What do you think about Lifepak Nano. They say they are the best and also
    very expensive? Is it true?

  18. MA63 says:

    Take some weight loss pills.

  19. Jessica Webb says:

    Thanks for uploading this video!

  20. MMV303 says:

    I’ve never seen this much spam in one video. Every other comment on here is
    trying to sell you something.

  21. Llovani Rincon says:

    What are the 3 bottle name dr.oz has for vitamin ? 

  22. beachsoap says:

    How much DHA per day ? I take about 1100mg daily? 

  23. warrior4truth says:

    I always thought that vitamins in bottles are synthetic unlike what organic
    foods can give you. 

  24. Sean Marrinan says:

    i agree with the comments , id rather take them and let my body decide .
    its true the after affect is quite annoying and can be embarrassing as well

  25. takitezy7 says:

    I just watched Dr Oz’s recommendation on multivitamins lol.
    I believe the Hodge twins more on this one.

  26. David Ordaz says:

    I know that our body will process enough vitamins from the pills, the same
    as it does with the protein you use. A lot of the protein you use does not
    even get processed from your body and works the same way with everything
    that you consume. 

  27. Wilder Rua says:

    what about for Joints. i just heard animal pak was good for joints.. advice
    on that?

  28. hamptonclub says:

    I read the higher quality powder/capsule vitamins get absorbed better. Now,
    I’m not sure.

  29. Ruffiesz says:

    This video makes them
    Look so ignorant. 

  30. saucecakes says:

    Still better to take multi-vatamins and let your body decide what it needs
    to absorb and what it needs to send as waste. Chances are if one is
    lacking, the first thing to take a hit is testosterone, which people in the
    bodybuilding community can’t afford to spare.

  31. mndi89 says:

    Hodge Twins, could you do a video on this again, an update to your previous
    response on vitamins, I take multi vitamins cod oil for omega3, what do you
    guys think, do you still stand by your opinions? 

  32. Jonathan Wright says:

    Ladies and Gentleman, if you’re looking to get some amazing multivitamins,
    they are called nutrilite Double X multivitamins, you can go to my site and
    purchase them right now!!! http://www.amway.com/wrightwaysolutions

  33. Zoltán Zvara says:

    Vitamins are not toxic up to a level, your body just won’t use them! But
    when you lack one of them and there is a hole in your diet you will suffer
    it and it’s hard to find the problem. Take vitamins, especially vitamin C
    up to 4 grams is safe and 2 grams is essential for a serious bodybuilder.

  34. DR34MER777 says:

    I take opti-women , and im a guy

  35. Chipp Marshal says:

    Did you trademark “vitacock” yet?

  36. Mark robinson says:

    vitamins are toxic haha I’m leaving

  37. Roberto Ramirez Jr. says:

    …”I say, don’t ever rely on just “one source” to get information from,
    always do plenty of research “yourself” from “reliable and credible
    sources” to come up with a final decision on anything”…

  38. Russell Chang says:

    I realize that this is an old video, but I was wondering if your stance on
    AnimalPack has changed at all. BTW…. you guys are funny as shit. The
    two of you need to expand beyond YouTube.

  39. Alfredo N says:

    Pretty sure these guys don’t know anything about vitamins. Stupid

  40. Chris G says:

    not a big fan of these guys but its true i piss like shrek whenever i’ve
    tried a multi vitamin save your money bros! pre workouts, protein powder
    and creatine is all u need

  41. andresrojas22 says:

    maybe it’s your genetics, i’m a skinny guy and it’s incredibly hard for me
    to gain a single pound, it’s literally months of work

  42. LoneRangerA says:

    +metalhead33 so “the biochemist” could you tell me why ur multivitamin
    supplements have like 2000% of daily value per dose of them. are you trying
    to force them on to human body by overdosing them??? take any brand you
    will see atleast 1 or 2 vitamins spiked up in them.

  43. Ashley Jones says:

    What a load of shit to say vitamins are toxic! I agree that if ur diet is
    bang on then you may look to prioritising other supplements but if your
    dieting ie in a calorific deficit; you will need to cover all the bases.
    And ‘Vito-clock’ lol is Riboflavin (Vit B2) in excess… Your body takes
    what it needs then passes the rest safely out if your body. B vitamins are
    needed for energy yielding, metabolic function & they also breakdown carbs,
    proteins & fats. So how the hell are vitamins toxic!? Guys I understand
    it’s only personal opinion but ya least do some research to back up ur
    opinions… Just saying… 😉 

  44. Filip Krizanac says:

    Thank you for saving me from having vita-cock.

  45. CaLxRoyalty says:

    Who else got that advertisement in the beginning? The music video “workout
    buddies” like wtf XD 

  46. hellomoto170 says:

    I like the Hodge twins but this video is a bit confusing; if you urinate
    vitamins, it means you urinate excess vitamins. The key word is excess.
    This doesn’t mean you don’t use them, it means you’ve got enough in your
    body and so your body is getting rid of the excess. This is surely better
    than not having enough, right? multivitamins are just an “insurance” – and
    in that sense, they work.

  47. Jonathan H says:

    are you doctors? 

  48. Gage Gantz says:

    It’s not vitacock your piss is like that from the B vitamins

  49. I love your article, not only this one but also others because they are always logical and easy to understand. I really appreciate it.

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