Do Vitamins Really Improve Health?


Do Nutritional vitamins Really Enhance Overall health?

Vitamin dietary supplements are everywhere, touting that a normal foods diet program isn’t going to give the total nutrition we need. Supplementing with vitamins will make us he…
wellness vitamins Video Rating: four / 5

How to Grow Long, Thick, Wholesome hair with Vitamins

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overall health vitamins Video Rating: four / five

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38 Responses to “Do Vitamins Really Improve Health?”

  1. tulp35000 says:

    Tldr If you dont need vitamins, dont drink them.

    body loses vitamins over time, it takes months years even to lose enough
    vitamins til the body starts showing signs of weakness. That is only the
    case if you eat crap food or your diet consists of one or two dishes for
    months. Like rice and one type of vegetable. In my humble opinion, you then
    should start eating varying foods and drink multivitamins for a week or two
    MAX Maybe even do it every 2nd day. Drink them only DURING the meal, not
    before or after and most definitely not without one. Because it will have
    no effect and only irritate your stomach. The best way to know what
    vitamins you need is to get a blood test done. But if you know your body
    well enough, you probably know what you need. Also… those who drinks
    vitamins daily for long periods of time are idiots. Vitamins are supposed
    to shore up the gaps in your vitamin deficiency if any, if you keep
    drinking them when youre healthy, youre doing a lot of harm to yourself..
    way more than having lack of vitamins in fact. So only drink vitamins when
    you know u lack vitamins, not when you feel perfectly fine. One last thing,
    no multivitamin or vitamin solution will replace those that come from food.
    Vitamin pills and tablets usually only have 10-20% (this part may be not
    true) of the active ingredients because they lose their mojo during the
    production process… thats why most tablets have 100-300% of normal daily
    dose, because theyre that inefficient. This however doesnt mean that u
    should eat 2-3 tablets at once.

  2. Barky Von Schnauzer says:

    This is the biggest load of shit I have ever heard.

    They say Vitamin C can cause Kidney stones, even back in the 1940’s studies
    were showing that Vitamin C not only does not cause Kidney stones but it
    prevents them from forming and even dissolves them, STUDIES STILL SHOW

    Another Vitamin I want to mention, is Vitamin B3 also known as Niacin…
    Safety with Niacin? There is not one death per year with the consumption of
    Niacin, nor has a death ever been recorded. Vitamin C is an antiviral,
    antihistamine, antibiotic, antipyretic, antitoxin, antioxidant. It’s simply
    too good for too many things, why would any Pharmaceutical company in their
    right mind endorse the use of Vitamin supplements?

    You see, good health makes a lot of sense but it doesn’t make a lot of

    I challenge DNews! Give me one study that conclusively shows Vitamin C or
    any of concentrated supplement conclusively killing someone. I fucking dare
    you to come up with something.

    You won’t find it, simply because it doesn’t happen and it has never

    Case closed.

  3. Norm Kid says:

    Yeah, like I’m going to trust this overweight, rat-eyed little girl on
    health issues.

  4. Vincent Cramer says:

    or maybe #GMO #vitamins are worse than real organic non-GMO #gmofree

  5. BIONIK DIKK says:

    Man made supplements,hence the word supplements=NOT FOOD. Eat your way to
    health with varied nutrition,& stop being lazy. If vitamins are so
    awesome,you would be able to take them alone,& live, like the benefits
    of FOOD. Food contains vitamins with the synergistic benefit of
    antioxidants & minerals.

  6. aljoe says:

    Now that I know your position on vitamins I will not watch another clip
    from DNews. If your that ignorant on this subject you cant be trusted on
    any subject.

    Former watcher. 

  7. colin ashley says:

    jeez she can talk quick!!

  8. T.a Stunna says:

    Laci Green ,WHY YU NO MAKE PORN?

  9. Zippy themagicmonkey says:

    Gee, vitamin supplements can’t be good because our food in America is so
    great !!
    U.S. Food is poison and is mostly empty of vitamins. Most scientists are
    funded by governments which are in the pocket of corporations like
    Monsanto, hahaha !!
    D News stop sucking the corporate schlong!!!

  10. AveMaria82100 says:

    I would imagine that its best to get your vitamins in your food. But what
    is one supposed to do if they are poor, disabled, and living on welfare and
    can barely afford to buy enough food to get through the month? I mean,
    healthy food is definitely more expensive than cheap, junk food.

  11. ZupE891 says:

    I take a “daily” multivitamin 3 times a week.. im straight.. i dont eat
    that well.. so i think im doing the right thing

  12. Megan Kay says:

    The studies focused on synthetic man-made vitamins, there are food-based
    vitamins out there so neither extreme is correct. 

  13. Nick Rauseo says:

    Her voice just drools with Autism which is often caused by vitamin

  14. Lou's Reviews says:

    I haven’t even had a cold since I started taking a daily multi viatamin
    this is horse hockey.

  15. Vennika Johnson says:

    I take vitamin supplements every day and I feel fantastic; these studies
    don’t seem very solid or conclusive (like vic creed said earlier: are they
    even double-blind?). I take adult gummy vitamins (anything to avoid taking
    actual pills) and fish oil. has a ton of supplements like these,
    and they’re pretty cheap. They arrive in 3-4 days and ship just about
    anywhere. I’ve got a code that’ll get you $10 off. Here you go, hope it
    helps: CLG358.

  16. Kamizushi Akinari says:

    I was twitching the whole video. By definition, vitamins are simple organic
    compounds that are required in small amount for the body to work properly.
    This is a very wide definition and different vitamins do very different
    things to the body. How then can someone make such a general statement like
    “vitamins cause this” or “vitamins cause that”. It’s very possible that
    very large doses of some supplements might have a negative effect on human
    health while others have a positive effect.

  17. Mr S 1986 says:

    vitamins can be a help or a hinderance depending on the dosage an adequate
    amount can nourish you an excessive amount can be toxic

  18. killerninja2008 says:

    the funny thing is i had low b12 and i was prescribed b12 pills because it
    was low but not enough for the needle after a week or mouth i didnt need
    them anymore but i will take them every now and than just in case

  19. Dazzeledwithlove says:

    Lets be real:) She has gorgeous hair but genes play a huge role. If you
    minimize the amount of styling, do not dye the hair, apply good quality
    products and live a healthy life style you will have nice shiny hair.

  20. farahdhukai says:

    Here are the vitamins I take for healthy hair growth!

  21. Alia Wali says:

    Your names “Farah” in Arabic stands for happiness & wedding

  22. Prettyxsoon says:

    I started getting kidney stones when I was taking Biotin. I stopped and
    they haven’t been back. Now, I just take them a couple times a week instead
    of everyday. Anyone else have this problem? This is random but it sounded
    like there was a ghost at 7:50. You look beautiful as always, Farah. 

  23. Its Halo says:

    girl your hair is sooo gorgeous!! I actually stop the video and grab a
    glass of water lol x

  24. Lissette Attah says:

    I was wondering what brushes/combs do you idea on your hair? I really love
    your hair care routine but I just don’t know what brushes/combs to use for
    it. It would help me a lot and I absolutely love your channel!

  25. reshma Khan says:

    Please tell me what you use for hair to grow

  26. Mslilly1017 says:

    Love you Farah thank you for the videos youre too beautiful <3 amazing

  27. miya Ramirez says:

    So your hair is real and natural? Because mostly all these girls on YouTube
    use hair extensions now…..

  28. VikaMena says:

    My biotin bottle says take one soft gel one to five times daily but I only
    take it 3 times it is also 1000 mcg. Is that enough for hair growth or do I
    need to increase it? Also my fish oil is also 1000 mcg and it has 300mg
    omega 3. It says take 3 soft gels daily.. tell me if all this is enough for
    hair growth ?

  29. Farha S says:

    Farah pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee update on no poo. Do u still
    use shampoo bar. Loveeeee uuuuuuuuu.

  30. PrincessKenzi1QT says:

    Her voice is so pretty, she sounds like a Disney princess :)

  31. Ayesha Mirza says:

    Hey Farah, thank you for the tips! I was wondering if you could help me.
    I’ve noticed a lot of thinning at the front of my head and I’m losing a lot
    of hair. My diet is fine (e.g. fruit/leafy greens) but I don’t really
    exercise very much, plus I’m anemic. How much of a contribution do you
    think exercise makes to healthy hair? Also does biotin make hair grow on
    your whole body? I’m only 19 btw! Thank you Farah! Definitely aspire to be
    as successful and knowledgeable as you are :)

  32. Jennifer VL says:

    Farah! Just wanted to say that last night I was thinking my hair grows so
    slow and is sort of thinning since I had my son. Didn’t even think twice on
    where to get a good source of information, I came to your channel. Another
    video you posted about clearing skin helped me so much as well. I love that
    you always turn to natural ways to treat something. You are honestly my
    favourite youtuber!! 

  33. Natisha Bossie says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  34. jellybean says:

    Do you take everything mentioned everyday? Like the tablets or do you
    alternate between the different tablets? I was just wondering if taking so
    many pills each day can be an overload to your body or something. Xx

  35. Kristin Almajed says:

    Could you do an updated skin care routine? Your skin has been looking
    amazing lately. I’m sure farsali has a lot to do with it lol <3 :) 

  36. sofitariq8283 says:

    Many thanks for this video.
    I’m desperately trying to grow my hair but it doesn’t grow beyond a certain
    I take biotin and vitamins , although not too regularly .
    But I shall try this time with these . How soon can I expect if it is
    making a change .
    Can you also do a tutorial for this make up look :)

  37. EmmaWoodallART says:

    You should do a recent Kim K Look ;)

  38. Caitlan Mendoza says:

    Hi Farah, I’m want to start with oils and I have a few kinda inind but some
    there are SO many brands does it matter or should they all be cold pressed
    100% pure? I’m looking for Tea Tree, Jojoba, and Almond. Even Castor oil at
    that, please can you help. Thank you

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