BRUTAL WEIGHT LOSS (100 Days Training Program)

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excess weight reduction workout routines Video Rating: four / 5

My HIIT Treadmill Exercise – How I misplaced 83bs of Unwanted fat | Fat Reduction Determination

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weight reduction exercises Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “BRUTAL WEIGHT LOSS (100 Days Training Program)”

  1. amynicolaox says:

    I wanted to share my EXACT HIIT workout routine. This is the only cardio I
    did and used to lose 80+ pounds of fat. I hope you find it helpful.
    Apologies for my bra hanging out, what can a girl do, oops!

  2. SheWillBeLoved says:

    Thank you for sharing. I started doing this three weeks ago. Had to start
    running or jogging at 4.5.. I’m so out of shape but I’m working my way up!
    I’m trying to lose 80 lbs. 

  3. Makeup By Liberty says:

    Just subscribed! I need to get back into HIIT, I was just wondering, how
    many times a week did you do it? I don’t know if I missed that in the video
    or not. Thank you!! You’re gorgeous by the way <3

  4. Lu says:

    You seem like such a lovely person! I So much positivity – keep it up girl,
    I love it!

  5. CrashCrate Job says:

    im overweight can i do this?

  6. J Olisa says:

    Hey!!! I just want to thank you!! I watched you and started HIIT and I have
    honestly seen the results in about 3 weeks!!! Meant to tell you thank you
    so much!

  7. Madison Abigail says:

    >>For all ladies have a good news you can loss weight naturally basically
    belly fat>>

  8. Space Cowboy says:

    Wow….she’s hot…..

  9. cx533 says:

    I did this differently, but died in the end. Srs. Like oh my gosh my legs
    were never so sore before after running. 

  10. sue lopez says:

    Can I do jumping jacks instead of running?

  11. kimamazin says:

    I started doing this morning! It’s very very intense! I didn’t last long
    but I’m going to continue daily! I’ve got to lose these 50-65 pounds

  12. Sofia Styles says:

    Really really well done to how well you’ve done! Thanks for the vids! Very

  13. Deborah Bryant says:

    *Grate Video ……DIscover the 5 crItIcaI IngredIents for a heaIthy body
    at aII tImes (99% of peopIe don’t get enough of at Ieast 3 of them… and
    It’s serIousIy damagIng to the way your body removes waste, boosts your
    Immune system, and produces InsuIIn!)*

  14. MattLifts says:

    Amazing! I do similar but I sprint (10.5mph) for 20 seconds and rest for 10
    seconds by jumping to the sides of the treadmill so keeping the speed the
    same. Repeat 8 times and then sprinting for 30 seconds on the last round.
    really gets a sweat on and heart rate up! 

  15. crownedwithbeauty says:

    Such a great video! 

  16. Meme Simoon says:

    I bought a treadmill but I have no motivation. Please help

  17. takkitackey says:

    can you do a video on how you stretch before and after you work out? 

  18. MakeUpByKathleen says:

    hey I used to be running for 30 minutes but I get really bored doing that,
    it’s very uncomfortable. With experience would you say that your way of
    cardio is more effective than just running for 30 minutes straight? I’d
    rather switch to your work out to be honest!

  19. kanjisasi1 says:

    thank you, I don’t normally comment on videos but you are so genuine, I’m
    over 40 and have struggle with my weight for the last few years. I’ve made
    a real commitment to begin my weight loss journey this year and I start in
    February…this is the only video so far that I have founded that is
    helpful and inspiring, nice job again thanks

  20. MonkeyMagic88 says:

    OMG you look awesome honey !
    Hey are you of Greek heritage ?

  21. Juicy2saucy says:

    I just started last week your exact routine I LOVE it way better than
    running a mile and man am I pooped after that 30 mins 

  22. Jane Wood Branam says:

    I appreciate all your videos. They are helping me a lot. Very practical
    and realistic. I recommend to anyone interested in losing weight or getting

  23. Anínesah Rodriguez says:

    I 100% agree. I’ve been doing this a month- with proper diet and exercise
    of course, and I’m seeing AMAZING RESULTS! 

  24. ashley pierre says:

    I stated at 3. I go up to 5. minute that be.killing me but im going
    to keep pushing 

  25. Karina Kokoeva says:

    So I got it as to work out 35 minutes. For warmup 5 min walk, 5 min jog, 2
    min walk. Then 7 times (21 minutes) doing the intervals: 1 min sprint + 2
    min walk. And cool down for 2 minutes. Is it correct? Anyone please correct
    me if I am wrong) 

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