Beginner Weight Loss Workout


Beginner Weight Loss Workout - with Big China

Standard guys: get rid of your stubborn stomach excess fat Fast: If you are a normal guy like Tony who’s hunting to get in shape, I posted a v…
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25 Responses to “Beginner Weight Loss Workout”

  1. pairovtitsanafanny says:

    I see a lot of hate comments on this guys vids – and I don’t get it. This
    guy motivates me to hit the gym hard, what’s wrong with that?

  2. joshua escobar says:

    I’m 13 and I tried this because I’m fat. No joke. I’m trying to lose weight
    at home because I can’t go to a gym. I tried this and did 100 reps total.
    My thighs hurt and I can barely walk. Is this normal?

  3. CJ Tulos Mbili says:

    The guy commentating is HOT!!

  4. Beniamin Urban says:

    I can’t do the full thing, but I’m determined to loss weight. And this
    videos are awesome.

  5. EnellGmz says:

    I tried this. I got all sweaty and tired. The following days, I was
    disabled. My lesson: I will do it again!!!!! It is awesome. It train heart,
    lungs and gets rid of fat.

  6. Haryo Nugroho says:

    +Six Pack Shortcuts mike, you’re an american not fucking chinese, you were
    born in it, you should be proud 

  7. u2good2b4gotn says:

    I admire the guy for not only doing it, but allowing himself to struggle
    with this in front of camera. We know its not easy and it is NOT
    motivating to watch people in tremendous shape do these exercies with
    smiles on their faces. My problem is that when I try this, something hurts,
    pulls or cracks on me so bad that I have to stop for a day or two.

  8. joshua lau says:

    for ppl above 200 pounds you dont have to workout at all. just stop eating
    carbohydrates like rice, noodles, bread, desserts and sweet stuff.
    especially sweet drinks. limit yourself to 40-50 grams of carbs a day for
    about 1-2 months, 100% garantee confirm you will be losing at least 10
    pounds. it is also important to consume more saturated fat (not
    unsaturated) for energy and vegetables for fibre, otherwise you will get me, it works

  9. JusticeGaming says:

    I appreciate you using the word normal when describing tony as alot of
    exercise vids I see alot of negative descriptions like fat and overweight
    which Is correct but less motivating when thinking about it now instead of
    thinking I have to go from fat to normal to lean I can just say now I have
    to get lean lol thanks and good workout will try it out

  10. Sykout says:

    why not use the grass?

  11. kyle walters says:

    Some people may thought they were really good at this because they didn’t
    get that tired and they weren’t so burned out by the end for those people I
    was just like you but somewhere on my second week of using this I got so
    tired doing this workout you actually have to learn the proper way to do it
    and than its a bitch to do 

  12. Wrong Name says:

    Ive been doing this 2 times a day for about 2 weeks and i dont seem to see
    my weight or belly fat going down. What should i do to burn the belly fat?

  13. decepzionjames12 says:

    I hope mike breaks his back then is bedridden and does nothing but eat and
    gain weight til he’s 500 pounds. Fuck his amazing six packs haha. So jelly.

  14. VitalGamex says:

    how tall is mike?

  15. Chadrick Penner says:

    how is this beginner>? seems pretty intense for even mike. 

  16. Sergio Villaseñor says:

    My god, if he can do it then I could too

  17. nikolokendo says:

    is this a HIIT workout?

  18. awais anwar says:

    Does he take showers with Big China aswell?

  19. Gavin Jackson says:

    I’ve been doing Mike Changs workouts since about 2011. I’ve been between 8
    to 10% body fat and have been able to eat what I want pretty much.

  20. king Ahmed says:

    This guy is a machine 

  21. the melon says:

    When I was about 14 I weighed about 230 pounds, and now I’m 16 and weigh
    around 175 Mainly because of Mike’s workouts if it wasn’t for him I would
    not be in shape I worked so hard to get to this weight and you guys should
    too its worth the hard work trust me.

  22. eric j says:

    I’m 17 turning 18 on new years day. I weigh 88 kg, height approximately
    175-8 cm. And I need help losing weight I don’t know if I should or when to
    join the gym. Tell me what should and type of excersize I have to do.
    Please any help will help 

  23. Andrew Parks says:

    This video has encouraged me a lot lately. I very much enjoy the style of
    workouts he has to share with us. Thanks for sharing!

  24. giveagoodsong says:

    hey big china was his stunt double to show his before pic! lolololol

  25. UnstoppableHeart says:

    I’ve seen this workout back in 2012 when I was a crippled medical depressed
    fat fuck. Never thought I’d see the day where I would see this again and
    think ‘this is easy’. 

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